Back to my Style

These were the last concepts I had completed for the water world. After we had all used the digital painting method to create the concepts i wanted to do more. But found digital painting not to be my area of expertise as i found my concepts to good for a first attempt but from going round the class they were not up to a good standard. So i thought to go back to my style to test how the concepts would look like in a ‘geometric’ style.



Combination of Work

After we all had completed some digital concepts we then began brainstorming on ho w we could develop the work more. Although we had worked on each others drawings and sketches our own individual styles still shown within the work. So as a method to combine our ideas further I decided to take examples of people’s digital art and layer them over each other in photoshop to see how they would work with each other.

The first one was a a sample of Meabh’s digital work and Cliodhna’s work from her sketchbook. I just used the cave watercolour painting as the background then layer the digital copy over it and played about with the different over lays to see which worked best. I liked the composition that ended up being created in the end.


The next digital experiment I made was of my own sketchbook work and Meabh’s coloured version of my shark drawing. Again I layer the shark image over the cave concept and looked for what looked best. After having a few ideas I settled on the darker version as I think it worked well with the shark. Almost the idea of the sharking lurking in the water. This was based on one of the first group’s ideas of the mechanical creations acting like guards for one of the sides within the world.


Then the final graphic idea was one of Cliodhna’s sketches and one of my character sketches for the aquatic creatures. This one was mainly made on playing with the opacity of the layers and the brightness and contrast. In this one I wanted to see how the layer would react with editing the colours. Although this one didn’t have as much perspective I liked the colours that were put on to the characters, so far that purpose I kept the edit.


Colour Palettes and Thumbnails

Before we moved on towards digital concepts using colour we had to agree on  colour palettes for our group to work on. Focusing in on shades of blues and greens to fit with the water world. But part of the week’s project was to focus on warm and cool colours. So in saying that we thought about how colours would react with each other and what would work well.

Below you can see our first three colour palettes. They mainly looked at singular colours being matched up with ou main colour blue as the world is set within water.


The second colour palette was then looking at the combination of warm and cool colours and how they would effect the mood of the environment. The mixture of the red with the blues worked well as this created purple which was already in the first palette. I liked how the warm and cool colours contrasted with each other.


Then below are my first attempt at digitally painting thumb nails in colour. The thumbnails are all in different shades and tones of blue. I tried to concentrate on perspective more this time as i felt the last concepts were not to the standard i wanted them to be.

During the thumbnails i tried to have fun with them and see what method of painting worked better for me.

I think for a first attempt at colour digital painting it was a nice start. Cool colours were mainly used but I introduced warm colours to the fish in the last few thumbnails.


Pro Marker Sketches

The next phase in the project was to experiment with colour and perspective for the worlds. After looking at the previous groups work ideas began to appear on pages. As the ideas were developing more work was being transferred between each team member and initial sketches were developed different towards other people’s styles.

In the group there was me, Emily, Meabh and Cliodhna. Each of us has their own particular style and trying to combine these was hard. Although it was of benefit to us as it helped us explore different styles and how to bounce ideas of each other.

Below are some of my sketches in my book. These were done in pro marker and i mainly used different tones of blue with warm and cool colours.


More thumbnails for Concepts

After showing our work to each other we decided to go away again and come up with more ideas but use our own ideas rather than relying only on the previous’ work.

Some ideas I had came up with was the idea of rocks underwater almost replicating a city in the distance. Also an idea to show some of the characters that were developed in week two of the “Build A World’ project. Vegetation and plant life were brought into the scenes to add more depth and give the sense of a landscape setting.

Although some of the sketches below were a combination of my ideas, the groups work and the group before.


Sketchbook Work

Below are some photographs showing examples of my sketchbook and the early stages of my thought process. I experimented with different media and colours that would fit well with the water and the previous concepts. Caves and perspective were the main ideas I played with and the tonality of blues and greens.

Cool colours were the main choice of colour palettes for development.



Before starting any real sketches for the Raindrop world I decided to do some research and look at existing concept art for water worlds. Below are some examples of the research I found.

All of the concepts are all done in a cool colour palette and in shades and tones of blue. There are some different styles of digital painting through the images but i liked each of the pieces.

The perspective in these examples are what I want to achieve in my own thumbnails for the world. I hope I can achieve similar results to the ones below.

New world

After completing the previous week’s project on the Paradox World, all the teams were mixed up and new groups were made for the upcoming week’s work. The new world were we given to work on was the raindrop world.

So for the raindrop world the task ahead was to continue on from the previous’ group work on the tonality and concept art for the environments created. Some photographs below of the groups work and research to help us with the project.

The concept art left for us I found great starting points for us to develop them into colour.

We decided to go and do individual research before coming back together to discuss ideas to further work.


Finalised Digital Work

So after completing my practice runs on digital painting and having the concepts in we were given to work on I completed my finalised digital concepts for the time periods i was given.

Below are the concepts of the following;

  • Caveman era
  • Ancient Asia
  • City Centred concept
  • Clan tags for the Time Periods