Sketchbook ideas

So after our group was given the ‘Paradox World’, we then decided to go and research the idea of environment and how worlds work. I decided to look more closely at how the world cold be laid out and how the characters would interact with each other. Although as a group we had to back track the project and come up with what the world is in and how it got there before we could develop any concept sketches for the world.

Ideas involved why the characters got there, how they got there and how could they live together. The most difficult aspect we came across as a group was the initial idea of what style or what theme would complement the world.

Then the idea of the world existing in a black hole, this idea tied in with the time paradox and space. But what style would the world have? A futuristic setting was then agreed on as a theme.

We then we away and sketched out some initial concepts and thumbnails.

Some images of my sketch book are below. All are tonal as tonality was the project for the week.



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