Colour Palettes and Thumbnails

Before we moved on towards digital concepts using colour we had to agree on  colour palettes for our group to work on. Focusing in on shades of blues and greens to fit with the water world. But part of the week’s project was to focus on warm and cool colours. So in saying that we thought about how colours would react with each other and what would work well.

Below you can see our first three colour palettes. They mainly looked at singular colours being matched up with ou main colour blue as the world is set within water.


The second colour palette was then looking at the combination of warm and cool colours and how they would effect the mood of the environment. The mixture of the red with the blues worked well as this created purple which was already in the first palette. I liked how the warm and cool colours contrasted with each other.


Then below are my first attempt at digitally painting thumb nails in colour. The thumbnails are all in different shades and tones of blue. I tried to concentrate on perspective more this time as i felt the last concepts were not to the standard i wanted them to be.

During the thumbnails i tried to have fun with them and see what method of painting worked better for me.

I think for a first attempt at colour digital painting it was a nice start. Cool colours were mainly used but I introduced warm colours to the fish in the last few thumbnails.



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