Combination of Work

After we all had completed some digital concepts we then began brainstorming on ho w we could develop the work more. Although we had worked on each others drawings and sketches our own individual styles still shown within the work. So as a method to combine our ideas further I decided to take examples of people’s digital art and layer them over each other in photoshop to see how they would work with each other.

The first one was a a sample of Meabh’s digital work and Cliodhna’s work from her sketchbook. I just used the cave watercolour painting as the background then layer the digital copy over it and played about with the different over lays to see which worked best. I liked the composition that ended up being created in the end.


The next digital experiment I made was of my own sketchbook work and Meabh’s coloured version of my shark drawing. Again I layer the shark image over the cave concept and looked for what looked best. After having a few ideas I settled on the darker version as I think it worked well with the shark. Almost the idea of the sharking lurking in the water. This was based on one of the first group’s ideas of the mechanical creations acting like guards for one of the sides within the world.


Then the final graphic idea was one of Cliodhna’s sketches and one of my character sketches for the aquatic creatures. This one was mainly made on playing with the opacity of the layers and the brightness and contrast. In this one I wanted to see how the layer would react with editing the colours. Although this one didn’t have as much perspective I liked the colours that were put on to the characters, so far that purpose I kept the edit.



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