Creepy Character

While modelling some concepts for the game board. I decided to look at characters and how to use them within the game. I thought I could try and model a character’s head in Sculptris. Initially this was just to play about with some ideas I had sketched previously.

As this was the first time I tried to model a character with some sort of plan I was happy with it. Although we are not sure if 3D styled characters are the way we want the characters to be in.

Some inspiration was taken from previous research the group had done. A variety of concepts and characters were looked at by everyone.

These are some examples of the images I used as a reference while modelling the sample character

Board Model

After deciding on a general idea for the game board. I decided to attempt some modelling on Maya. I made the four different levels have a different terrain or texture compared to the last.


An idea with the board was to take away the poles in between each of the levels and have them float up and down. Then board would be made out of rock and stone. As this game is the thing in which helped create the rings of hell, it’d have to be old looking. While working with Eve she also experimented with 3d modelling in mud box to create an idea for the texture of the board. This fitted in with the original models and the look we wanted for the game.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 16.32.04.png

Initial Sketches

Now that we had a general idea on what the game is going to be. The next step is going to be how it is played. So rules have to be created and what the game will be played on.

I began looking at different types of games and different forms of games. Board games were my initial thought so I began to sketch out some boards experimenting with different layers and levels on  the board. Texture and shape were the main things I focused on.

While coming up with some designs for the board game, I remembered back to the original group’s idea of the the hell world being inside a tree. From this I took tree bark and tree roots as an influence. Focusing on the curves and how the tree would warp .

Another element I researched into was the use of dice in a game. I thought about how dice effect the gameplay. In a sense if a dice is apart of the game it has the control of the game.

I thought about adding two dice into our game. One being a four sided dice and the other being an eight sided dice. These were then used to determine what character is played and on what level will they start.



Let the Games Begin

Initially there were a lot of ideas brought to the table when we began discussing what direction we could go in for the game. An idea for the game was that it would explain how the the rings of hell were formed. This meaning the gameplay was the root cause of hell world existing. This was originally brought up by Rhea. This idea then the starting point for our development.

Another idea for the game was to create a ‘cutesy’ game in which the creatures who rule the rings of hell would play to ‘destress’ at the end of a long day. So picture this, these mighty scary monsters huddled over this small board game using little, tiny board pieces. Even though the game is meant to be a chance to unwind, these characters still have tempers. Basically nine monsters are going to be arguing over this little, tiny game. Who’s going to win this one?

After we had some ideas on the games we then needed to think about how the game will be played. What will it be played on? How do you play it? Where is it based? When can it be played?


Welcome to Hell

So after finishing the motion graphic for plant world the groups were all split up and all re arranged. Nine people were selected to go and pick the world in which they wanted to work on. I was one of those people. So I picked to work on Hell World. Then each person selected from the rest of the class who they wanted to work with for the next project.

I had never worked on Hell World so I thought I would work on it now. From the class I then picked Rhea to work with first. After everyone picked someone, Conann then added people into certain groups. These were based on who would work well each other.

Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep?

So for week nine myself, Gianni, Phillip and Hollie were given the book ‘Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep?’. This is a science fiction novel written by Philip K. Dick in 1968.

A quick opinion on the the novel.

It was different from other books I have read in terms of the language used. I noticed it was more advanced that books wrote after. I like the narrative within the book. The theme of empathy in the book poses the question, ‘what makes a human?’. The book aims to show what things can be taken in consideration to come up with an opinion on this matter.

I found the book to be a interesting read and an enjoyable topic to discuss and present.

Follow up Screenshots

These were some screenshots from the motion graphic. After looking through the motion graphic again I decided to look for some still images I could use for my portfolio. The images below were the images I found that I liked.

I think these look like some graphic design work and were similar to work I created during my foundation year. I think these would be nice as prints for a side note.

Opinions on Motion Graphic…

After presenting the motion graphic to the rest of the class yesterday and receiving  some feedback I felt that the final product was no where near to the standards I wanted.

The initial idea I had was the focus on the relationship between the movement of the animation and the music. As the narrative was to show Moss Man crash landing onto the new world. I used this as a starting point. As a crash is something that would confuse you, scare you, be loud and disorienting, in the motion graphic I tried to use the relationship of the shapes and sounds to do this.

Although I wanted a ‘confusion’ factor in the finished product, a narrative still should of been noticeable. On that note I felt my input onto the motion graphic lowered the standards of the work others had done in the group. A main factor I feel could of helped me was keeping it simple. I did like the product in the end but felt it wasn’t as clear as others in the class were. But the work that was given to me to edit was some nice work. Both Bethany and Meabh worked on adding line work and colour to initial thumbnails.