The Board of Stories…


Here is our narrative and storyboard plan for the ‘Raindrop World’.

A basic summary of the narrative is the opposing ‘clans’ that exist in the world are in an on going feud. The two clans are split into two groups. One group have evolved from a more fish and amphibian background. While the others are of a more human origin.

The clan in which are described as ‘mermaids’ can be seen in the storyboard to be going about their own daily lives. A shot of one of their small cities can be seen. But without them knowing a mechanical device is slowly dropped within the boarders of the city. The calm environment is ruined. Anyone within the area of this device is caught in the blast radius.

After the  water calms the city is left in smoke and rubble. The next shot then moves to these shark hybrids. Robotic sharks were one of the first creations by the humanoid clan. They had sent the sharks into the city with the one purpose to destroy it.

The last shot of the sharks is them swimming into a cave. Once the enter it, it closes itself  shut. From this shot it progressively zooms out from the black screen. Once finished zooming out you can see a raindrop appear.

The raindrop is simply falling from the sky and the splashes onto the ground. Beside that raindrop is hundred’s more. Is that the raindrop to have life in it?


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