Ink in the Sink!

These are the still images from my experiments with the inks and spray paint in the water. As you can see from the images below the inks all reacted differently when introduced by different methods. The transparentsy differed as well as the tones in the water.

Blue ink was the primary ink used then black as the secondary colour. As time went on more blue ink was added to see how the colour would dilute through the water. After the water had almost turned blue I then added black. From the black being added it reminded me of a galaxy rather than the sea. Although this was a different outcome that expected I found it to be a useful outcome as it adds to the whole idea of ‘a different world’.

Can the sky be the sea and can the sea be the sky?

I found this to be a fun experiment to work on and in the end beneficial for the project and for general appearance.



  1. 0derv0 · November 20, 2015

    Reblogged this on derv.0 Animazione and commented:
    “ink in the sink” Lol

    (i really like how the photo gallery’s laid out. Don’t let Jonny know i complimented him.)


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