Opinions on Motion Graphic…

After presenting the motion graphic to the rest of the class yesterday and receiving  some feedback I felt that the final product was no where near to the standards I wanted.

The initial idea I had was the focus on the relationship between the movement of the animation and the music. As the narrative was to show Moss Man crash landing onto the new world. I used this as a starting point. As a crash is something that would confuse you, scare you, be loud and disorienting, in the motion graphic I tried to use the relationship of the shapes and sounds to do this.

Although I wanted a ‘confusion’ factor in the finished product, a narrative still should of been noticeable. On that note I felt my input onto the motion graphic lowered the standards of the work others had done in the group. A main factor I feel could of helped me was keeping it simple. I did like the product in the end but felt it wasn’t as clear as others in the class were. But the work that was given to me to edit was some nice work. Both Bethany and Meabh worked on adding line work and colour to initial thumbnails.



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