Let the Games Begin

Initially there were a lot of ideas brought to the table when we began discussing what direction we could go in for the game. An idea for the game was that it would explain how the the rings of hell were formed. This meaning the gameplay was the root cause of hell world existing. This was originally brought up by Rhea. This idea then the starting point for our development.

Another idea for the game was to create a ‘cutesy’ game in which the creatures who rule the rings of hell would play to ‘destress’ at the end of a long day. So picture this, these mighty scary monsters huddled over this small board game using little, tiny board pieces. Even though the game is meant to be a chance to unwind, these characters still have tempers. Basically nine monsters are going to be arguing over this little, tiny game. Who’s going to win this one?

After we had some ideas on the games we then needed to think about how the game will be played. What will it be played on? How do you play it? Where is it based? When can it be played?



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