Card Templates

After looking at the Tarot Cards it was time for us to start to come up with our own versions of the cards. I then began to experiment in Photoshop with brushes and patterns. The card in the grey scale was the first one that was made. This was put in grey scale so it could be adaptable and work with different character designs.

The patterns I used were directly influenced from the sample tarot cards I looked at previously. Then the brown template was for the ‘cutesy’ game. This was changed to the brown colour due to the cutesy game being made from wood. So all the character pieces are made from wood. The cards to go along with them are therefore also in wood.

These were the two templates that were used for the two sets  of games. These are then both the front and back of the cards.

After making these templates, I decided to develop them further and experiment with colour palettes and the composition of the patterns.

Although in the end we decided that the greyscale template would be the best for the project.


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