Card Testers…

From looking at the character designs we all decided to create our own versions of the cards. These were to test which style of characters worked and which ones didn’t. The digital cards were the ones in which received the best feedback so we stuck to them.

Card_Ideas_Graphics_01Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 18.29.25

While editing my version of the cards I tried to experiment as much as possible with different styles of characters and different methods of layering. A common theme I stuck to was working in greyscale. I found greyscale fitted the theme of the game better than colour due to the time era of the game.

As you can see from the images above I used hand drew, digitally drew and 3D modelled characters in the templates. This was to explore all possible outcomes.

Above is examples of Samantha‘s versions of the cards. Her first one was a colour study, hand drew. The next two are her characters placed over the greyscale card template. Both of her versions of the cards i liked but I thought the digital one’s were a better fitting to the games design.


Finally here is a sample of Rhea’s version of the cards. Although her’s was done digitally as well she took a different approach to them. She used a range of brushes and painted the cards and the creatures on them. I thought this was a nice variation to the digital work that me and Samantha produced.

All in all I thought the testers for the cards and characters were all great and displayed how we could work as a team and combine each other’s work to create more for the development of the game and project.


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