Composition Decesion…

Before adding all the characters to the final card model we still needed to decide on the layout of the cards. `So how will the symbols be set on the cards and will the characters name appear on the cards as well.

The first set of images are looking at the symbols flowing around the bottom of the slab. Then on of them the name of the character is there. This was to see if the text fitted in with the cards. Originally I thought about having the names in the Hell Language but thought it would be difficult to read them. So if text was to be present it would be in english.

The next set of images was the symbols placed in a vertical line from the top till the bottom of the slab. This made the slab seem more neat but this was not the look we wanted as hell isn’t neat. (It’s messy, so messy like…) Again the text was added in but didn’t think it fitted in with the project.

Then the final set of images is the symbols following the left side of the slab. I feel this was the best composition out of the three choices. Again text was added into one of the images but felt it was out of place. So in the end the text was not added in.


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