‘Cutesy’ is back

Backtracking to the card templates that were mentioned earlier. One of the templates that was altered was the card for the cutesy game for the Hell World creatures to play to unwind after their hard day of work torturing all them souls.

After deciding on the designs for each of the characters Eve then took the responsibility of design the cutesy game pieces. Each one of the pieces would be a little replica of them. But a lot more easier on the eyes.

Again going back to when the Hell World was in a tree we wanted to bring back some of the ideas from the original group. So as a group we decided to make the game pieces with a wooden theme, to suit the tree idea.

The original template for the cards was then changed to fit then wooden theme we agreed on.

Below are then are the characters that Eve designed based of the characters used in the main game.



So above you can see the  finished concepts for the cutesy game pieces. After we had agreed on the design of the characters, Eve painted a wooden theme over them to finish the design off. Finally then below are the eight finished character designs on the card templates.



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