Some examples of my sketchbook and my though process. The sketches themselves aren’t the greatest they help me get my ideas onto the page.  The ideas behind the sketches were again looking at abstract forms and organic structures.

The first two images are my general notes about the project and some facts that I found about Rome, these were to get me started on my research. Moving on to the next images I began sketching some loose drawings to help me think of concepts.

Inks and watercolours were used to add that gradient effect onto the shapes that were drawn. These were to experiment with possible textures that could of been used while finishing the city.

Then the final three images are the drawings that helped me get to my digital concepts. These were the starting point for my digital work which then helped me develop onto the models and then on to Maya for the final models.



Organic Models

These were then some tester models that I made using sculptris. These were to follow up on the visual research and the digital concepts that I had done. I just used seeds and pods as references for the basic shape and form.

The general idea for the shape was to revisit the idea of how shapes and spaces can effect people and what they think and feel. If something is small and dark they may feel unhappy while if somewhere is bright and open they may feel happy. This was the idea I wanted to convey through the models and implement the sculpture style of work that was mentioned earlier.

Some textures where then used as samples to see what worked for the city and would not work. Shinny and metallic surfaces looked nice but I wasn’t sure if they were right for the look we were going for. Although getting to experiment with the textures and colours was a good way to rule out the one’s that didn’t suit or the one’s no one liked that much.

Going into the models for a closer look at the detail almost distorts the main image. This can be related back to graphic styled photographs mentioned in an earlier post. The idea of zooming into something so much that it loses it’s form was something that could of been implemented into the production of the city more. If something looks nice and pretty from afar but then becomes noticeably more and more imperfect as you get closer could then change how an individual feels looking at that image or model.

Reflections of the surrounding environment and other possible cities could be another way to colour the city rather than using a texture. If the city wanted to be hid, camouflage could be introduced from reflections and alterations of opacity and translucently. These models above were to express that idea. I was happy with how the images turned out.

These were then a different model that I made using the same software. This one was a bit different from the last as I tried to hollow this one out more and used some of my previous pinterest images as reference. I wanted to create a sense of space while looking at the model in different angles.

Rather than use a range of colours and textures I stuck to more matte and muted colours. The highlights and shadows are seen easier against the more pastel colour palette.

City Concepts

For the floating city project I finally decided to do some digital concepts for the general composition of the city. As we decided as a group to look at organic structures and forms as a base reference. I then used a circle as a starting point for the concepts.

Below is then some of the colour palettes with in the circle. I looked at organic colours and based each circle of a different environment.



After staring off with a basic shape like a circle I began to think about how to develop this idea and make in more organic. An idea that I always go to is contrast.This time it was the contrast between organic and mechanical. This idea was inspired from my former research into geometric shapes and how they make up organic styled structures.

When creating the compositions for these concepts I played about with the scale and position of the circle, the main body of the city. The scale of the circle compared to the other elements of the city had an effect of how the structure looked.

Looking at architecture and sculpture work helped me in the design process. Again mainly organic and geometric forms were used as inspiration. These can be seen in my previous blog post on visual research.

Below is then the circles developed with different ways it could float or keep itself afloat. An idea that stuck with me when created these was rotation. Metal bars or strips would spin around the centre of the city and act like a propellor. Although a propellor isn’t the most original idea I tried to add my own twist to it.

Although after making these i noticed they had some resemblance to moths, I did not do this intentionally but I was happy with the connections I had made. This then made me look into insects and how they live, mainly looking into where they live and the general breakdown of the structure itself.


Following the pattern from the last concepts I played more with the insect idea and used the rotation idea to make bug like structures. Using the original colour palettes I gave each of the circles a different composition. I liked the idea of an insect styled city as it fits in with the organic theme but it would of course be man made. This then gave me the idea of an organic based structure but man made materials are used to create it. The contrast of organic and synthetic.


Below is then some final experimentation with the possible composition of the city. I mirrored and edited some of the previous compositions. These ended up making these almost mechanical based structures. I felt the greyscale added more to the man made feel the city could have.

Review of Assignment 2

So yet another end of a project. Two down and one final one to go…

So how did the project go? On Tuesday me and my group presented our final schematic, our artefact and the trailer of the footage. Like the last presentation we gave I felt this was went just as well or even better. As we were last to go again so we got to watch everyone else before we went, which was good for us to see the other group’s work, which were all pretty good. So after we presented we seemed to have got good feedback from the class and both Conann and Yuan. Which is always a bonus.

Both Rebecca and Kristina did an amazing job on presenting the final outcomes and as a team of three I think we did pretty well with having one less person to work with. The past three weeks working with Rebecca and Kristina was a good adjustment period in terms of helping me get back into the swing of uni again. So I thank them for that.

This is then the link to our presentation below,

Karate Kid

Some general feedback was then given to us after the class had presented,

Conann and Yuan both loved the final outcome, Conann was excited from the beginning of the presentation which is always a good thing. However he thought the schematic wasn’t really a schematic, more so representational, chose a very beautiful culturally accurate representation of it, wrong but beautiful. The themes in the film were well identified and then displayed in our work. Interesting and ambitious and  great teamwork was shown in the presentation. After each group received their feedback he went through each film and have a general mark for the presentations. We as a group were given a solid first for our presentation. So all the hard work paid of in the end. Yeha mucker.

Can’t be bad to that feedback like….

“This year was by far the most consistent, you all did really well, there was no one below 50% on this one.” – Conann himself.

Now that assignment two is done it’s now time for the final assignment…

15 second animation.


Screenshots Galore

Here is then some screenshots of the final trailer for our artefact. These were just to give an idea of what the trailer would look like and in my opinion the images on their own look pretty good (just my opinion like).

The images below are just to show the contrast in the colours and the moods set in each of the scenes. Also the overlapping of some of footage was to show when the transitions are. While editing the trailer the main variable that I changed was the opacity of each of the videos. Then after that simple things like brightness and contrast and colour balance.


Narration Translation

As we wanted to have a traditional Chinese puppet show we thought about having a form of narration over the edited footage of the puppet show. After brainstorming on how we could do it Rebecca came up with the idea that we could ask Yuan to narrate in Chinese. We all agreed this was a fantastic idea and were all on board with it. Below is then the script Rebecca refined after us as a group coming up with a generic idea. Below is the script that was sent to Yuan. This was also taken from Rebecca‘s blog…


Paragraph One:

Tiger, Dragon, Snake and Crane. This unusual mix will eventually disturb the harmony and these four extremes will want to be the best, the most feared, and the strongest.

Paragraph Two:

Tiger is wondering, minding his own troubles when a challenger appears in order to assert his dominance. The dragon taunts and teases, challenging the power of the tiger.

Resistance is futile. Tiger is defeated.

Paragraph Three:

‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers. A mighty Crane flies in and protects the Tiger, offering his knowledge and skill to defeat the evil.

The Crane decides to take the Tiger under its wing and train together in peace and tranquility.

However the Dragon told his mentor, the contentious Cobra, about what happened so they go out to spy on the Crane and Tiger. Feeling threatened they observed their synchronized dance, feeling as though they need to get stronger.

Paragraph Four:

Evil wastes no time, they crave to stay at the top of the chain even if their methods are flawed. They will request a duel to settle a winner once and for all but they will never mention the rules and exemptions as to what is ‘winning’.

Paragraph Five:

There’s a difference between a fight to kill and a fight to win. Killing is ruthless and cold, there’s no space to be a loser. Fighting to win will still have a consequence of losing, but it does not equal the same value as your death.

Paragraph Six:

A tiger will fight fairly obeying the Gods, evil does not hold such a thing so their only target is winning. There are times that some battles you take part in are not meant for you. Even if you are victorious, there are dangers lurking ahead. Be attentive trust your intuitions, let the Gods decide on who will bring harmony into the animal kingdom once more.


The images below are the rough version of the narrative that I wrote out after we had filmed the footage from the puppet show. Rebecca then took these bullet points and came up with the narrative you can see above.



In the making off…

These are then some photographs of the artefact in the making. This is just to show what materials and were used and how they were used. Some of the methods that the artists mentioned before used were taken and altered by the group to suit what we were trying to create. The making of the artefact was more fun and enjoyable than expected. Experimenting with the different materials and processes was a good way for us to see how something as simple as paper can be such a useful resource.