Vogler – ‘The Writer’s Journey’

Return of the Elixir – Chapter 12

Pages 215 – 228

So yesterday me and my group gave our presentation on ‘The Writer’s Journey’ by Vogler to the class. I thought the presentation went very well and we seemed to receive positive feedback from both the class and Conann. Working with Rebecca and Kristina was such a pleasant experience and they were awesome teammates to have for the first week back.

As we were the only group of three, we were only given the last chapter to look at. So we decided to read over the chapter and make notes on any areas we found interesting. We then meet up on the Thursday and shared what we thought and put the presentation together. Once it was done we divided the slides up and went away and learnt our parts.

A general summary of Return of the Elixir was that unless the ‘Hero’ character returned to the his starting place with some form of reward or a treasure the journey or adventure would have been meaningless. This would then mean they would have to repeat the cycle again and again until the Elixir is brought back.

Our presentation is below.

The Writers Journey Return with the Elixir

So after the presentations were finished and we were given some hard truths in relation to what the second semester will be like and how we are expected to up our work rates. Assignment two was then explained and then the groups were given out. A surprise to everyone was that we would stay in the same groups as Assignment one. This for me was an awesome outcome as I then got to work with Rebecca and Kristina again.

The brief for assignment two was too create a schematic and an artefact based on a film. We got ‘The Karate Kid’ as our film. The schematic is too illustrate the characters timeline both on and off the screen using the new found knowledge from ‘The Writer’s Journey’. Although this will be a challenge I think we will be able to get this done if we work as a team. Which we all will…

2 weeks till deadline!



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