Assignment 2 – The Karate Kid

So after presenting the Vogler assignment, we were then given the groups for assignment two. This was then the project to design a schematic and an artefact based on the film the groups were given.

The groups were kept the same as the previous project so I am working with Rebecca and Kristina again. The film we got was ‘The Karate Kid’. Initially I wasn’t sure how to feel about this but after thinking about it the film had a lot of interesting things to work from and develop.

The next day (03/02), we decided to meet up as a group and watch both of ‘The Karate Kids’. The original, 1984 and the remake, 2010. We sat down in a study room in the libary and made notes on both the films as we watched. Watching the films as a group proved to be beneficial as we were able to make notes on the scenes and compare and contrast on what we thought. With Rebecca having studied Media and Kristina studied English Literature this helped with the process of analysing the films narrative and the key things within the films.

After having watched the two films we all had pages of notes to work from. These had the key characters and the storylines they each followed. This would then be helpful for the creation and development of the schematic. Images of my notes are below…


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