Initial Research

Below is some of my initial research for the Floating City, although facts and figures is where I usually fall down in research Im glad I had my team to help me look in the right places and also share their findings with me.

There is a mixture between books, articles and websites with facts and figures relating to Rome. These were used to help us figure out what way we wanted to shift the project and what possible ways we could develop it.–_NTKAhXFwBQKHZ1mCZkQ6AEINTAC#v=onepage&q&f=false!ctype=l&strail=false&bcs=d&nselm=h&met_y=population&scale_y=lin&ind_y=false&rdim=area&idim=city_proper:023960:015160:023790&ifdim=area&tstart=917654400000&tend=1327881600000&hl=en_US&dl=en&ind=false

Floating City Project

This is then the google docs page that we all combined out findings out so that we could access the same information. This will be useful for when we get into the project further.

Below is then a PDF version of the group’s combined research.




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