Planing the Schematic

So after researching on what a schematic is and what does one look like we as a group decided to meet up and plan out what the schematic will have in it. From looking at some second year’s blogs and seeing how they each planned theirs out we decided working on a spreadsheet would be the easiest and most efficient way to get the information down so we could then refine it and start to work on the final schematic.

As we were creating the plan for the final schematic we had to first make a schematic plan based on the original film and then the remake of the film for contrasting purposes. Although we added in the on scene characters for both the films, the original was the only one we had to create the off scene story lines for. Although it was hard to not go overboard it was fun to think of what each character could be doing while not on screen. Some of the characters storylines were just based of their on screen actions. Below is then both of the plans for the original film (1984) and the remake (2010).

The 1984 version schematic plan.

The 2010 version schematic.



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