Schematic Research

What is a schematic?

Schematic – A diagram or another representation, symbolic or simplified.

So the first part of assignment two was to create a schematic based on the narrative and how each of the characters fall into it. So for Karate Kid we had to design a schematic based on the main events in which shaped the film and it’s characters.

To get an idea on what a schematic was and what it looked like I done some research to see what already existed. The main image type of schematic that came up was a map styled schematic, mainly the London Tube map. Examples are below.

From that other forms of schematics were found while researching. These being ‘simple’ schematics. These were mainly diagrams for circuits and electric wiring. Examples below again.

Finally another version I found while researching was a storyboard styled schematic. This was more like a film or editing based schematic as it rather than showing the characters storyline within the film it showed how the moved from place to place in the actual scene. Showing overlapping actions and illustrative drawings. This example can be seen below.



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