Papercuts abu

So after deciding to look at puppets and Chinese theatre I began thinking about how we could make the puppets themselves. Also how we could make the backgrounds and create the mood we wanted to have in the puppet show.

I have always been interested in making stencils for spray paint and light experiments. So I thought this would be a good place to start for experimenting. I done some research looking at some paper cut art and some artists. The links are then below.

These were just some ideas we could of used to help us with scale, composition, possible colour and lighting. Once I sent the links to the rest of my team they loved some of the pieces and thought they were good references.

Another artist that was used a reference was ‘Brittany Lee’, she was suggested to us by Becca Blair (we thank her for that). Brittany uses vast amounts of paper in a range of colour palettes and tones to create this 3d style posters. Some of her work is based of Disney films. In terms of what we gathered from her work was how can we used paper to make these puppets. What colours work together, what can we display our work and what is the best way to cut the paper so we can make the puppets. Some examples of he work below.


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