Visual Research



So although the floating city project was based on the facts and statistics we could find on Rome, I decided to look at some visual research for the city. I mainly focused on organic materials and structures that already exist in nature.

The idea of replicating naturally made structures with man made materials was something that proved to interest the group. Along with the facts and statists gathered by the rest of the group we were off to a good start in both visually and research wise.

From looking at the visual research we agreed that we wanted the city to look interesting and generally nice to look at but it also need’s to be functional so that was something that limited our design in a sense.

A lot of references I looked at was installation sculptures and how the worked with the audience looking at them. Things like scale, composition, shape and form were the main areas I decided to look at.

Below are some examples of my pinterest board and the images I looked at.


Inception-Like Cityscapes of New York by Brad Sloan

Below is an artist who duplicates his photography to create interesting and abstract pieces. Being described as ‘Inception like pieces’ adds to the distorted theme that appears in his work. I found these interesting as we have to design a city the idea of positive and negative space becomes a factor. Thinking of the possible ways people could live within this new city. Do we reuse old ways or do we make new ones?

The graphical element in this collection of work really made me think about how the city would be put together and what way the people living in it would see and what they feel like being in the city. Back tracking to the installation art idea this could combine both the organic side and the mechanical side from the graphic styled stuff.


Incredible Concept Art by Gediminas Pranckevicius

Below is then a concept artist that I found on inspiration hut. The images below show a breakdown of their process. The artwork itself is of these surreal houses. The houses themselves seems to be floating due to the clouds around them. The colour palette reminded me of fantasy or game artwork. This style would be nice to introduce to the floating city. The artists work is something that I would aim towards for my own drawing, although i need a lot more practice.


Architectural Watercolors of a Dreamlike Warsaw by Tytus Brzozowski

This link was sent to the group by Jenny. The watercolour paintings just made me happy, the bright colours and the sense of space makes the painting feel lively. The main point in these paintings to me was the arches acting as stilts, arches being a main area in Roman architecture I though this was a good shout from Jenny.

This was an artist that Cassie had shown me, I then looked at his art station profile and seen some more of his work. I really liked his drawings, he combines both organic and mechanical elements together to make almost insect styled machines. This would then tie in with man made nature idea. The colour palette was something that I would like to implement in the project.



This was then added by Kirstin, I loved this idea. Although a bit different from the other concepts the contrast of the shape itself and the textures used was a new take on the idea. One half being opaque and the other being transparent. The mixing of materials could create an interesting design.



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