Final Schematic

So after completing the schematic plans for the original ‘Karate Kid’, we then moved on towards the final schematic. While trying to decide on the initial design of the schematic Kristina suggested that we make the schematic more suited towards the themes and imagery that are focused on in the films.

One of the mains pieces of imagery in the film is the bonsai tree that Daniel is given to by his mentor, Mr. Miyagi. The bonsai tree is also on the gee that Daniel is given from his mentor. This is on the patch that Mr. Mayigi’s wife made for him before she passed away. The bonsai tree is a main image within the film so we thought that the schematic would be best designed in a bonsai tree format.

Although we had then agreed on what the deign of the schematic should look like it was Kristina who took charge in the creation of it. As Kristina was travelling to London for a few days she offered to work on the schematic over the weekend. As we were a three person team we wanted to use all the time available to us. So over the weekend Kristina would be away we set ourselves some tasks to work on before we met on the next Monday to refine the work and get ready for the final presentation. Rebecca also created a nice;y designed key to accompany the schematic. I thought that Kristina and Rebecca were wonderful to work with during this section of  the assignment. Below is then the images of the final schematic.

The main branch of the schematic is the narrative of the main character Daniel and then each of the characters are then branched off from him. The direction of the main branch alters from left to right depending on how that character affected the main narrative. The left side having a more positive effect and the right having a more negative effect. This can then be easily seen from the main branch shifting from the left to right etc… I thought this was a nice touch in the design aspect of the schematic and helped showed the narrative with the Karate Kid.


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