Narration Translation

As we wanted to have a traditional Chinese puppet show we thought about having a form of narration over the edited footage of the puppet show. After brainstorming on how we could do it Rebecca came up with the idea that we could ask Yuan to narrate in Chinese. We all agreed this was a fantastic idea and were all on board with it. Below is then the script Rebecca refined after us as a group coming up with a generic idea. Below is the script that was sent to Yuan. This was also taken from Rebecca‘s blog…


Paragraph One:

Tiger, Dragon, Snake and Crane. This unusual mix will eventually disturb the harmony and these four extremes will want to be the best, the most feared, and the strongest.

Paragraph Two:

Tiger is wondering, minding his own troubles when a challenger appears in order to assert his dominance. The dragon taunts and teases, challenging the power of the tiger.

Resistance is futile. Tiger is defeated.

Paragraph Three:

‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers. A mighty Crane flies in and protects the Tiger, offering his knowledge and skill to defeat the evil.

The Crane decides to take the Tiger under its wing and train together in peace and tranquility.

However the Dragon told his mentor, the contentious Cobra, about what happened so they go out to spy on the Crane and Tiger. Feeling threatened they observed their synchronized dance, feeling as though they need to get stronger.

Paragraph Four:

Evil wastes no time, they crave to stay at the top of the chain even if their methods are flawed. They will request a duel to settle a winner once and for all but they will never mention the rules and exemptions as to what is ‘winning’.

Paragraph Five:

There’s a difference between a fight to kill and a fight to win. Killing is ruthless and cold, there’s no space to be a loser. Fighting to win will still have a consequence of losing, but it does not equal the same value as your death.

Paragraph Six:

A tiger will fight fairly obeying the Gods, evil does not hold such a thing so their only target is winning. There are times that some battles you take part in are not meant for you. Even if you are victorious, there are dangers lurking ahead. Be attentive trust your intuitions, let the Gods decide on who will bring harmony into the animal kingdom once more.


The images below are the rough version of the narrative that I wrote out after we had filmed the footage from the puppet show. Rebecca then took these bullet points and came up with the narrative you can see above.




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