Final Trailer

So here is the final version of the trailer for our artefact. Although originally we had planned on using all the footage we shot we encountered some problems along the way. The main one being that while I was editing I noticed that if we put all of the footage together the video would be too long and it would either leave us with only the video to present or we would run out of time before we got to show the video.

From that we met as a group on the Monday and discussed what ways we could solve this problem. Rebecca though about creating a trailer that would show the best parts of the footage but also give us enough time for everything else. Once the trailer was decided on I went to work on choosing the best pieces of the footage and editing them together. Although Yuan did a full narration we had to just use the first part of it so it would fit in with the shortened trailer.

So below is then the trailer. Please enjoy our digital version of our artefact.


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