Review of Assignment 2

So yet another end of a project. Two down and one final one to go…

So how did the project go? On Tuesday me and my group presented our final schematic, our artefact and the trailer of the footage. Like the last presentation we gave I felt this was went just as well or even better. As we were last to go again so we got to watch everyone else before we went, which was good for us to see the other group’s work, which were all pretty good. So after we presented we seemed to have got good feedback from the class and both Conann and Yuan. Which is always a bonus.

Both Rebecca and Kristina did an amazing job on presenting the final outcomes and as a team of three I think we did pretty well with having one less person to work with. The past three weeks working with Rebecca and Kristina was a good adjustment period in terms of helping me get back into the swing of uni again. So I thank them for that.

This is then the link to our presentation below,

Karate Kid

Some general feedback was then given to us after the class had presented,

Conann and Yuan both loved the final outcome, Conann was excited from the beginning of the presentation which is always a good thing. However he thought the schematic wasn’t really a schematic, more so representational, chose a very beautiful culturally accurate representation of it, wrong but beautiful. The themes in the film were well identified and then displayed in our work. Interesting and ambitious and  great teamwork was shown in the presentation. After each group received their feedback he went through each film and have a general mark for the presentations. We as a group were given a solid first for our presentation. So all the hard work paid of in the end. Yeha mucker.

Can’t be bad to that feedback like….

“This year was by far the most consistent, you all did really well, there was no one below 50% on this one.” – Conann himself.

Now that assignment two is done it’s now time for the final assignment…

15 second animation.



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