City Concepts

For the floating city project I finally decided to do some digital concepts for the general composition of the city. As we decided as a group to look at organic structures and forms as a base reference. I then used a circle as a starting point for the concepts.

Below is then some of the colour palettes with in the circle. I looked at organic colours and based each circle of a different environment.



After staring off with a basic shape like a circle I began to think about how to develop this idea and make in more organic. An idea that I always go to is contrast.This time it was the contrast between organic and mechanical. This idea was inspired from my former research into geometric shapes and how they make up organic styled structures.

When creating the compositions for these concepts I played about with the scale and position of the circle, the main body of the city. The scale of the circle compared to the other elements of the city had an effect of how the structure looked.

Looking at architecture and sculpture work helped me in the design process. Again mainly organic and geometric forms were used as inspiration. These can be seen in my previous blog post on visual research.

Below is then the circles developed with different ways it could float or keep itself afloat. An idea that stuck with me when created these was rotation. Metal bars or strips would spin around the centre of the city and act like a propellor. Although a propellor isn’t the most original idea I tried to add my own twist to it.

Although after making these i noticed they had some resemblance to moths, I did not do this intentionally but I was happy with the connections I had made. This then made me look into insects and how they live, mainly looking into where they live and the general breakdown of the structure itself.


Following the pattern from the last concepts I played more with the insect idea and used the rotation idea to make bug like structures. Using the original colour palettes I gave each of the circles a different composition. I liked the idea of an insect styled city as it fits in with the organic theme but it would of course be man made. This then gave me the idea of an organic based structure but man made materials are used to create it. The contrast of organic and synthetic.


Below is then some final experimentation with the possible composition of the city. I mirrored and edited some of the previous compositions. These ended up making these almost mechanical based structures. I felt the greyscale added more to the man made feel the city could have.


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