Organic Models

These were then some tester models that I made using sculptris. These were to follow up on the visual research and the digital concepts that I had done. I just used seeds and pods as references for the basic shape and form.

The general idea for the shape was to revisit the idea of how shapes and spaces can effect people and what they think and feel. If something is small and dark they may feel unhappy while if somewhere is bright and open they may feel happy. This was the idea I wanted to convey through the models and implement the sculpture style of work that was mentioned earlier.

Some textures where then used as samples to see what worked for the city and would not work. Shinny and metallic surfaces looked nice but I wasn’t sure if they were right for the look we were going for. Although getting to experiment with the textures and colours was a good way to rule out the one’s that didn’t suit or the one’s no one liked that much.

Going into the models for a closer look at the detail almost distorts the main image. This can be related back to graphic styled photographs mentioned in an earlier post. The idea of zooming into something so much that it loses it’s form was something that could of been implemented into the production of the city more. If something looks nice and pretty from afar but then becomes noticeably more and more imperfect as you get closer could then change how an individual feels looking at that image or model.

Reflections of the surrounding environment and other possible cities could be another way to colour the city rather than using a texture. If the city wanted to be hid, camouflage could be introduced from reflections and alterations of opacity and translucently. These models above were to express that idea. I was happy with how the images turned out.

These were then a different model that I made using the same software. This one was a bit different from the last as I tried to hollow this one out more and used some of my previous pinterest images as reference. I wanted to create a sense of space while looking at the model in different angles.

Rather than use a range of colours and textures I stuck to more matte and muted colours. The highlights and shadows are seen easier against the more pastel colour palette.


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