Model Testers

After deciding on what the design of the city would be we began to divide what each of us should model. I was given the columns, the amber, the combination of the amber and the pantheon, the housing for the citizens and finally the aerial screw.

The columns were modelled from an art book based on Roman art that Cassie had brought in. The columns were lit with coloured lights, the colours of the lights were based on an opal stone. This was to keep the organic style within the city.


Stunning Classical Interiors Carved into Marble and Stone by Matthew Simmonds

Above is a reference that I found helpful while revisiting the models.

Next is some examples of the amber that was modelled for the centre of the city. These were mainly in testing the light and the colour of the amber. This was too see what was best suited for the central lighting source.

I was generally happy  with the outcome of the amber. I had learnt a lot from this project in terms of my modelling abilities and I hope to keep improving.

Then some examples of the amber and the pantheon combined, again this will be featured in the centre of the city to keep the historical aspect of Rome.

Finally some images of the apartments and housing for the citizens of the city. I followed a tutorial on how to make a singular window and the duplicated it to make the structure. The buildings are meant to move up and down to match the rise and fall of the population. Small lighting tests were done, although these were mainly for me to get use to lights and see how different colours looked on different designs. I was happy with the outcome of the housing.

The tutorial that I used,


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