Finalising Models

Here are then some of the models in their final stages. Below is the aerial screw with a sample texture. The netting was to show the typology of the model and how it was designed.



Then below is some rendered images of the aerial screw showing off the different angles of the model. Again I was happy with the model, Cassie modelled the propellor of the screw while I made the base and then connected the two together.

The images I used as references are below.


Then below are the versions of the city that I put together and rendered. While putting the city together my group were more that helpful by giving opinions and helping with decisions. I liked how the city looked with the first set of textures and lights and I was happy with myself as Maya was still new to me while making the city.

Finally here are the final  rendered images that I had made. Although the lighting on the city can be described as harsh I personally liked it as it added a deeper contrast from the soft lighting on the clouds. The red lights were based of warm colours due to Rome having a high average temperature of 27.5 degrees. I thought this would of showed our research into the project.


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