The Final City

So finally the floating city project comes to an end. It was both a fun and tough project due to many reasons, the main thing I learnt from this project was how key time management is while working a project.

Below is then some rendered images of the floating city. The final outcome of the city was great, I was so happy with the presentation and the how it looked.

Below is then some long shots of the city, the clouds and lighting on the city adds a pastel style to it. I thought it created a peaceful and chilled  environment which we wanted to have in the city.

Jenny took one for the team and rendered the city herself , so many thanks to Jenny. There was some problems when transferring the files over so Jenny had to retexture some of the city. Although I was happy with my outcome Jenny done an amazing job on the re-design.


There are some different variations of the final city, more so in the placement of the city itself. The colour palette is mainly based off all warm colours and and then some cool colours to add a contrast.

Although the final design of the city moved away from the original idea of an abstract structure I think this design was  good middle ground between structured and abstract. Going back to one of Kirstin’s ideas of the city in a pill concept, I thought the city design was a more detailed version of it.

Some angles showing inside the city. The shadows cast by the hexagon mesh creates the idea that you are inside an organic styled structure. The marble base and the hexagon styled bridge adds to the natural aesthetic.


Above is the rendered models by themselves. All the models in the city were done to a great standard created by all of the team.

A deconstructed section of the city to show where all the pieces together and to give a breakdown. Beside it a still image of the city.

This is then a PDF version of the final presentation – Floating City Rome



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