Video Research

While looking for ways to convey the animation and looking for styles to work in I done some quick research one mechanical animations. These are all from an abstract background. The first one body mechanics made me think about speed and timing of the rotations of the gears. The slower they are the slower the movements in the animation. Scale was another element that I picked up on, the gears in the heart show how small and tiny they are. Use this idea of scale and implement in  it the animation.


This is by far one of my favourite shorts I’ve seen. The animation goes along beautifully with music . It has a general calming effect. the way the movements and animation is matched up with the sound really adds to the tone, the greyscale and cool colours make the set seem empty an cold. Keeping to reflective and shinny textures to bounce the ligtt of the models.

Flux was an idea for the shifting patterns to use. Going back to first semester and looking at the 12 principles of animation. Use these tools to over exaggerate the movements.



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