Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas is a digital artist that specialises in particle based motion graphics in which is inspired by nature and technology.

I came across this designer while looking through Vimeo. I had seen one of his animations on the creators project. This was a project called synthetic nature. In that project he makes the organic abstract models twist, stretch, squash and scale in and out. This is all the animated to the music that he designs. Again the idea of visuals being animated isn’t something new that I’ve talked about but seeing the different ways that this concept is carried out is something that I’m interested in.

Link to his Vimeo account.


Looking at his other videos the music in a way controls what way the objects move and in what way they move. Lights and movements can be assigned to sounds so when the sound goes off a certain part of the animation will change accordingly. Even though Andy Thomas’s work is more of an organic shape and from there is still a technology base in his work. Making organic shapes work in a machine like way, timing the movements up with the sound makes the animation look like well time machine. The contrast within the animating and the models make you think what is the main theme in his work.


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