Malum Meaning

So what does Malum mean? So originally the idea for the project was to go and so something more fine arty or graphical. While trying to finally decide on a narrative there was some clashes of ideas. No one could really agree on an idea.

Finally an implicit meaning came through. Suggested by Dervla, we could look at the idea of industrialisation and how humanity have had an effect on the environment.  Dervla’s idea was to have a snake wrap around a tree trying to get an apple. The snake being humanity and the apple being nature. The idea of predator and prey. But I wasn’t overly found of this idea as I thought it would be to unrealistic in the time that we had. So a compromise had to be made.

After having a think about what way we could develop the narrative I thought about making the apple the focusing point of the animation. Let the apple change within itself to show the effects that have been made to it. This idea went down well so we finally had a narrative and a plan. One question still left unanswered. What does the apple mean?

So while researching into apples and their meanings I came across that another word for an apple is ‘Malum’. Malum is then the latin word for evil or a misfortunate event. I thought this was a cool concept to test out. The idea that something organic and pure can be seen to be evil due to human interference. I thought this was an awesome name for the project and helped tie things togteher.


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