Cog Vectors

These were some graphic concepts that I came up with. The gears in the concepts are taken from the animatic. I wanted to take the graphical aspect of the animation and see if i could develop it more.

The original idea was to help work on colour palettes and see what we liked and didn’t like. Testing things like composition, scale, rotation and shape. Initially in the first couple of graphics the number of gears used was small. This showed the mechanical side of project. Changing the placement of the gears allowed me work out patterns and play with positive and negative space.



After seeing what some the concepts came out like I though about adding more gears and then reducing the size of them. I noticed that the smaller the gears got the more of a pattern began to show. An almost organic patten started to appear. With that idea in mind I began to make more patterns using the positive and negative space .


The next step was to try and develop the colours used. Looking at contrasting colours and colour gradients was how I made the ones below. Now keeping to similar compositions  colours were added to the different layers in hope to select the possible colour palette.


Finally these four concepts developed through the rest of the others. For these I decided to use greyscale for the colour palette. Greyscale was something that we all agreed on and wanted to keep. The scale of the gears in these are decreased in size. One thing that I noticed was they got so small they almost lose the mechanical look and become organic. This was a cool idea to experiment with and develop more.



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