Model References

So when it came to modelling and texturing the gears and then texturing the tree, I felt some research was needed to help me designing them. Below is then some artists that I liked and felt was a good reference to have for the animation.

All of the models and concepts above were the apple and it’s possible shifts. The mechanical shifts and then the abstract ones. These were great to reference while designing those aspects of the project. Modelling was less scary having looked into it more.


These artists then below were references for me to look into when the tree was being designed. Even though Eoin was the one who modelled it, everyone was able to pass on their research and help steer it towards a final outcome. The one that is my favourite is the collection of rings.

These are all made from all organic materials, such as wood and beeswax. I really liked how the wood flows into the wax. The idea of a gradual change from one material to another relates back to the shifting idea. The coloured wax also reminded me of crystals or coloured glass. This can be tied in with the apple core material.

Striking Handmade Wooden Rings by Secret Wood

Beautiful & Unique Handcrafted Wooden Tables by Greg Klassen

Visual Storyteller and Illustrator Brian Edward Miller

The Crooked Forest by Kilian Schönberger

Black and White Woodland Photography by Teemu Oksanen



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