Apple Re-Do

The models below were re done of the apple due to a problem with the original ones. Caitlin had sculpted them so there was a lot of curves in them which caused problems in Maya while setting up. So after discussing this with the group we decided I would re-do them as Caitlin was doing a great on sorting out the sound.

The images below are two different render versions of the apple core. The apple core was originally meant to be apart of the shifting stages. The core would of been the second stage and have been made from crystal or glass. The idea of the stages was to progress from organic to mechanic. Starting with the  apple, it being a natural thing, then it shifts on to the apple core. The apple would scale and then scale out again changing material to something glass like. Glass for crystal was chosen as it is crystal is a natural occurring material but is more hard than an apple. This is to show the constant shift towards the final shift. It being made from metal.


Below is then some images of the apple with different renders. The apple will be the focus point of the animation and the colours and lights will be based to suit the apple.


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