Parful Head Models

So getting into some research and inspiration for the head model.

Below is a few links to a 3d artist called Daniel Peteuil, he his a 3d artist based in Los Angles, America. His specialities are anatomy, character sculpting and sculpture. I had came across this artist on art station, a site  that I would use regularly. What initially led me to is profile was the head sculpt of Cillian Murphy. Although my task is too model my own face, looking at these amazing sculpts would make you want to get better. I thought the head models of Cillian Murphy were amazing and I would love to reach the level that they are.

Next are some sculpts of a sci-fi or game styled character, these were sculpted by Daniel when he was a beta tester zbrush 4R7. Again when I saw these I thought that they were awesome, the detail that went into them is incredible. The renders of the model turned out pretty good as well, the orange light coming through the skins really pushes the theme that was used while designing the model.

Finally some other head models that I thought were a good for inspiration and to look at for facial structure.

Another artist who I cam  across on art station is a 3d artist named Dan Bullock, his skills are in digital painting, UV mapping, rendering, retypology, 3D modelling, PBR texturing and finally digital sculpting.

Below is some images of a sculpt that Bullock made of Sir Ben Kingsley , like the Cillian Murphy sculpt mentioned before, I couldn’t help but look at his page, again these are an awesome source of inspiration.

A quick digital sculpt of a skull, i found to be helpful when trying to get a sense of the facial structure, this then combined with the typology facial maps would make the model less difficult.

Finally this was a series of quick tests for face shapes and portrait testers. I really liked how each of the sculpts are different from each  other but  you can see they came from the same starting point. Researching into facial modelling and digital sculpting makes me want to build my skills more in this area, I think once hand in is over I might look into zbrush more.



Some more links and research on facial typology and 3d modelling.

Below is then some more face models and typology references, I came across these on  word press blog, link is below. I really liked this post as it really showed you what different ways and what different types of face models there is. I found these all to be interestigng and helpful for the project.


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