Tutorials Galore

As I progress with the head model the original tutorial I was following, I then noticed it was broken down into three parts, I had posted part one but the other two are now below. With reference to the tutorials below I have learned that the head model is no whee near as simple as it sounds, the amount of detail that is put into the head in the tutorial is amazing. But that does scare me, already I am struggling on keeping up with it or working in the same order.

I find it hard to work and follow a tutorial at the same, switching between the two can confuse me and it can be hard to get back into the flow of work after taking a break from it for a bit. I have started to take more detailed notes don while watching a tutorial, I would watch the video first and take notes then when it came to modelling I would have the notes in front of me, having a hard copy to look at and scribble on helps me pick up on things and process them better. Once the semester ends I am considering getting some Maya textbooks so that I can always refer to a hard copy for help rather than a video.

Parts two and three of the head tutorial are below.


Another tutorial that I ended up using was a sculpting geometry video that was recommended to me by Lorna, which was awesome for her to show me, the link is below.



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