Final Presentaion

So this was the last presentation before the final hand in. So we did get a lot of feedback which was awesome, this is the only way to make the project better. A general theme from the feedback was the narrative was unclear. This was something that I agreed with, due to bad planning as a group this draft ended up being rushed and wasn’t done to the standard I would of wanted.

Other things were said to be changed like textures, too many shinny surfaces and too much patterns. I’ll admit I was glad we could of changed the background, with all the other patterns I thought it was too much in the rendered version.


A link to the final presentation

– Malum-


A general plan of actions to take to ensure the feedback is taken on board. Hopefully we can get the animation done on time will all the required changes. One thing that really stood out to me from the feedback was the issue with sound. Sound is one of the main aspects of an animation and I forgot that due to stressing about other things. This is something that I want to personally fix and make better for the project.


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