Sound Inspiration

So when re-designing the sound after the final presentation we realised the importance of sound, especially in our project. When having feedback with Conánn he showed us a video by an animation named Michel Gagné. He created this animation named ‘Sensology’. Link is below.

The concept behind this piece of work is to show the narrative through the music. Design the music first and then the animation is based on the song. In sensology they are no characters to introduce or show a narrative, but instead the music can be described the characters. A song is a narrative within itself. A piece of music has a start, a middle and an end just like a story.

When designing the sound we want to be able to tell a story. ‘If you can picture it with your eyes closed then it works’. A point that  Conánn made that helped me get what way the project should be directed. With that me and Caitlin then began to revisit the old sound and see what we could to improve it. We wanted to keep Caitlin’s original piece music as it suited what they ended should sound like. So from that I built around that adding more of an industrial and mechanical sound to it. The music should express what mood and tone we wanted to come across.

A link to the music.

Caitlin’s original music.


Musical Characters

An example of sound introducing characters is the Star Wars films.

So from the  videos above you can hear how differently each character is perceived due to the music that accompanies them. For example Darth Vader’s music is much more tense and bass heavy while Yoda’s is much more melodic and light. These differences make the character’s personalities chow more. This idea is what we wanted to have in the sound to introduce the gears, apple and the finally the tree.

Jamie xx – Sleep Sound

“Music is a a medium formed from silence and sound.”

“Here we can explore how music can be created by having silence and creating sound with the use of imagination.”

General idea behind the music video was to visually show the relationship between sound and movement. The song was revisited when Sofia Mattioli was approached by a girl who was deaf, she handed her a note explaining that she was deaf but she could feel the music from his movements. This inspired him to revise the song sleep sound.

The music features people from the Manchester Deaf Centre who believed they could feel the same as the the girl did. With this idea the video was based on them and how the felt while the song played.

The editing of the video is synced up with the beat of the music, although they could not hear the music they could fell the vibrations from the air that the song gave off.

The idea of ‘feeling’ the music can be of an abstract meaning but if air and vibrations from a song  can make you feel something how can it said to be different from hearing the music?

Drum Machines downloads

So I know the videos above are all techno but when making the sound for Malum I used these are references for the build ups and the layout. The songs above are all made in them same way but each has it’s own mood and feeling. From just small alterations you can create the sound of the song therefore changing there charcterisitcs.


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