So I was introduced to this by Aimee in final year, I was asking her about drum machines and industrial sounds. She linked me to This is where I got some of the sound clips that I used to edit for the music. But while looking at the rest of the website I came across more of the artist work.

These  amazing mechanical animations. These were the type of references that I needed to help my research. The first one ‘Transparent Machines’ was just amazing, the light and the textures are done to such a good level. This was a reference in terms of the modelling but then the camera from the short helped with  the cameras and editing in our outcome.

The next short is called ‘Zero Day’, this was just incredible. The music  told the story and added so much to the mood and atmosphere of the scene. The animation fits perfectly with the music. The almost fluid movements of the robotic parts are synced to the mirrored counterpart. The lighting was the thing that made it for me. Going back to my lighting post when I was talking about contrasting warm and cool colours this short did it in the way I would like to be able to. It reminds me of the portal colour palette, the reds and oranges against the light and dark blues really makes them stand out compared to each other. Almost like two different ends of the spectrum.



This is then the link to Beeple’s soundcloud. All of the songs that he has made or edited are there. This was just an awesome way to see the different projects he’s worked on the different type’s of music he has made.




These pieces of work are a bit different from the ones above but again these are all animated and synced up with the music, from researching into sound and looking at artists like this you can see sound can add to the animation itself.


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