Final Head Model

So it’s finally done, head model is finished. Although I’m happy that I got it done, I felt like a lot improvements could of been made. The most important one being time management. My poor time management was my main let down on the project. I felt that I rushed some areas due to the lack of time that I left myself with.

Although improvements could of been made, I was still generally happy with the outcome, one being that it did in fact looked human. Getting the typology right was again more difficult that I thought it would of been, tutorials were good for the beginnings of the head model but I personally find it hard to go back and forth between a tutorial and my work. This made me think about what type of learning best suits me, I think that a textbook or a hard copy would be better for me and I will take this lesson and imply to my future projects and work.

Another lesson I learned was that my beard was not in fact my friend on this project. The idea of shaving made me want to cry so I left my beard as it was, this ended up causing some problems as soon I as began Maya. Not being able to see my chin and jawline caused some confusion for me so the model doesn’t have all the detail that should of been there. Next time I should probably model someone without a hairy  face haha

Below is then the final images of my head, just for showing purpose I added some small lighting to the scene.

Then this is the wire frame of the head model itself, showing off the typology.

Then finally these are some quick 360’s of the model.



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