Rendering Tests

Once the head model was finished I wanted to experiment with textures and lights on the head since i’ve never been able to do so before. The first set of images is just a texture that was used in the New Narratives module, this was a texture originally used for the tree but I thought it looked cool and decided to try it out, i liked how it looked in the model, although it is not textured the correct way for a face I thought it would be something different to show.


The next images have the same idea as the one’s above, this was a rusted metal textured that I had been using on my scene in new narratives, again  after being so stressed over the head model I thought some experimentation might of made it more fun.

Lastly is a graphic that I had made textured on to the head. Although the textures I am using would not be what I would of used if it had of been needed to be textured correctly. These were a nice way to finish the project off and show how the model looked.

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