Imaging and Data Visualisation

So the end of Imaging and Data Visualisation is here. This module was both hard and enjoyable. The amount of skills I have learned from the module was fantastic. The lectures on Maya and it’s workings were very beneficial for the tasks that lay ahead in the module. The first half of the Imaging and Data was the Floating City project. This was the first project that required and outcome created in Maya. At the start my Maya skills weren’t up to scratch, but attending the classes on a Friday helped me develop my skills and therefore increase the quality of work I was making. Floating city taught me how group work takes a major role within Maya. Being able to pass about models and scenes helped me get into the group project’s again. Floating City was an enjoyable project for me as I got to research things that I was interested in and then bring these ideas to the rest of the team.  Modelling the city itself was a real learning curve within itself. In terms of the teamwork again showed me what would be the set up for New Narratives. Floating City was the favourite project out of the module.

Then on to the second project of Imaging and Data. The Head Model, this task was more difficult that I expected, although I had built my skills up I still had a lot to learn for the head model. The key thing that I would take from this task was that managing your time is key, although that lesson was learned last semester it became even more apparent with Maya involved. The Friday classes during the head model from weeks 6-12 were again very helpful. Alec is an awesome tutor and will always try and help in anyway way he can. This then made it easier to ask for help and advice. If I had off planned my time better I would of liked to go into more detail on Typology to make the model better. Although difficult, valuable skills and lessons were taken from the project.

Looking back to the start of the year I have made so much improvements on my 3d skills, to my own surprise I do like Maya now. Over the summer I plan to do my own projects to keep me on track for second year. All in all Imaging and Data was useful module to have taken, I felt this was a big part in my development.

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