Cameras and Editing

Here are then the play blasts of scenes I have worked on through the project. These were experimenting with different angles and movements. I can admit that some aren’t the best but I know that now.

These were what way the renders would turn out. All of the videos were used for feedback from the group to work out animation timing and how the lights and textures came through.

When it came to editing me and Caitlin were the ones who were most excited to do it. So once all the renders were gathered on my laptop we began editing. The smaller screens that we used in editing were taken from a previous blog post on sound design. The Michel Gagne piece, ‘Sensology’ introduces shapes and layers with different sounds. So I took the idea and developed it to fit with out project. The split screens were to act like  characters in a narrative. As the short moved forward the screens would keep increasing in size till the screen was filled. As the music peaked the screens will be at maximum size. This is to help convey the idea of scale and the camera constantly moving out from the apple to the tree where the apple is tiny thing compared to it.

When it came to the breakdown of the editing I worked 0-30 seconds, the editing of the glitch was added by me and the logo at the start was a combination of previous concepts put togteher. I thought this was a good way to show we all had inputs on the project itself.

Some research into editing styles and what way to do and not to do.

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