Design Discourse

So Design Discourse, what did I think?

As design discourse was split into different sections, them being Maya and the essay. Originally I was more pointed towards the Maya work and the word essay makes me want to run.

The essay was one of the areas I felt I struggled most, this was simply down to my lack of interest in writing. I found the lectures to be insightful and felt the were full of previously not known information. As a quick summary for the essay section I felt that I could have spent more time on the actual writing of it. In saying this I felt I produced a good essay and was pleased with the final product.

Now on to Maya. What can I say about Maya?

I was looking forward to starting Maya and the tasks ahead. The software section of the module was more my thing. When starting Maya I was off a decent level compared to others who may not have been used much software. Although at the end some in the class were just outstanding in terms of the work they were producing.

The tasks given to us so we would learn the basic principles of animation were fun to do. The arm rig was a favourite of mine. While completing these tasks if problems appeared Alec was always there for support and helped explain things on a personal level rather than to the whole class. This was something I was thankful for. Also I was never stuck with Gianni around and my Maya team were never far.

After completing the tasks set in class I began to experiment with Maya. This was simply bringing in graphic work I had made applying the as textures to simplistic models. Without the classes from Alec I don’t think I would have had the confidence to try out my own thing in Maya. From this I felt my confidence has grown in the subject and I hope to develop and improve my Maya skills in the next semester.

Creative Elements

How did first semester go?

A lot of things come to mind when asked that. The first thing that comes to mind is stress. The first semester was one of the most stressful times I’ve had to experience. From meeting new people who had a lot more skills in areas I hadn’t started. Getting a work load that was more than double in Foundation. All of this was new to me.

From starting the course I noticed how structured  each week was, it was almost like a task sheet. In each of the weeks we leant key skills and different methods of working. One thing that I found useful was that each week fed into the next, helping us develop and improve as we moved forward. But there was areas in which I would have never thought were so important to what we were learning.

One of the being photography. We were given a photography challenge to take six hundred photographs.Although at the time this was another added stress on to the general work. Looking back now you can see the need for it. It helped with learning composition, how lighting can effect an object and how you can change the lighting for the desired look. All these helped with the future tasks we were then given.

From looking back at my own work, I can notice a difference in it. During the of the semester I stuck to editing and graphic work. But when working on the projects with other people you are taken out of your comfort zone and you realise  that you have to branch out and attempt to look at other styles of working. This is one of the main things I struggled with. Working with other people was so full on and this was something that I had never experienced before. You realise that everyone has their own way of working and doing things. But thats the real test, you have to try and combine these different people and hopefully create something that no one else had or that no one was expecting.

The Animation course itself is just a bit nuts. When you think on university you think of a big hall with lectures happening. But it’s nothing like it here. The people who I have came across in Animation are some of the nicest people ever. The only way I could describe it would be a massive dysfunctional family. You have the loud and outgoing people that you hear before you see but on the other end of the spectrum you have the introverts who keep themselves to themselves. I can’t deny that I’m probably one of the loud ones.

From working in teams with a range of personality types and characters it has helped me learn to not to have preconceptions of people and simply have a positive mindset when starting any project. Although there was some clash of heads during the semester they were all apart of learning and maturing.

Going back to my original statement of saying it was stressful. It was without a doubt stressful but the semester as a whole has helped me develop my work and the quality, in a way forced me to be more responsible and mature. Although some might say differently…

There is still room for a lot of improvements for my personal development in all areas of the course but if I had not started the course I would have not met the amazing people who helped me get through the work load and the general course. Nor would I have learnt the skills that I didn’t realise I was lacking in. So from summing up my first semester in Creative Elements I can say that it was filled with a lot work and stress but I can say I’m thankful for it and maybe say I enjoyed it, once you look past the initial shock to the system. I look forward to starting the second semester and what it has in store for me.

It was was a crazy semester we’ll say…