Final World Idea

After we presented our final ideas for the ‘Build a World’ brief, ours was a few ideas combined. We were then mixed up into different groups and then changed around the room and given each other’s projects.

Some images below of our research to hand over to the next group.


Digital Concepts

As a group we finally decided on 5 ideas to play about with and sketch out. I then had a go on Photoshop and playing with image and brushes to come up with some digital concepts.

  • World within an egg
  • Bioluminescent system
  • Puddle doors
  • Changing forest
  • Islands centred around an eye ball

The concepts have a mix between some ideas and have a few changes in them.

world_concept_10 world_concept_9 world_concept_6world_concept_8 world_concept_7 world_concept_3 World_Concept_5 world_concept_2World_Concept_4   World_Concept_1

‘Build a World’- Week Two

The first day of creative elements were given an outline of what the module is about, what will we do and the most important what is expected of us! A lot of work will be involved over the next number of weeks.

We were then given a brief as a class saying ‘Build a World’. After were put into groups of four and split up across the room to get started.

A brain storm was the first go to plan to get out any initial ideas. We then thought research was a good idea to follow with. i mainly researched the meaning of the world, i.e. buy getting definitions, synonyms, images etc.

The next day we meet in the Animation room and showed our research and small sketches. After having more ideas after researching we decided to brain storm again and write down any idea on post-it notes.