Design Discourse

So Design Discourse, what did I think?

As design discourse was split into different sections, them being Maya and the essay. Originally I was more pointed towards the Maya work and the word essay makes me want to run.

The essay was one of the areas I felt I struggled most, this was simply down to my lack of interest in writing. I found the lectures to be insightful and felt the were full of previously not known information. As a quick summary for the essay section I felt that I could have spent more time on the actual writing of it. In saying this I felt I produced a good essay and was pleased with the final product.

Now on to Maya. What can I say about Maya?

I was looking forward to starting Maya and the tasks ahead. The software section of the module was more my thing. When starting Maya I was off a decent level compared to others who may not have been used much software. Although at the end some in the class were just outstanding in terms of the work they were producing.

The tasks given to us so we would learn the basic principles of animation were fun to do. The arm rig was a favourite of mine. While completing these tasks if problems appeared Alec was always there for support and helped explain things on a personal level rather than to the whole class. This was something I was thankful for. Also I was never stuck with Gianni around and my Maya team were never far.

After completing the tasks set in class I began to experiment with Maya. This was simply bringing in graphic work I had made applying the as textures to simplistic models. Without the classes from Alec I don’t think I would have had the confidence to try out my own thing in Maya. From this I felt my confidence has grown in the subject and I hope to develop and improve my Maya skills in the next semester.

Geo Cube

This was my own maya work, I wanted to experiment with textures and colours. I simply animated the cube and added the texture to both the cube and the plane. As a first attempt in texturing I was happy with this outcome.

Worm jump, jump…

A final task we were given was to make a worm jump. The task was left open as it was just a worm model to work with.

I simply made the worm jump over some simple blocks I modelled. The worm simply jumps over the blocks and lands on the other side.

I was happy with the final product although with more practice I think I can improve on my Maya skills.



Arm Rigs

These are some of the play blasts of my Maya work. These are all variations of an arm rig. Within the arm rig overlapping action is used to create the flow of the arm.

A lack of overlapping animation can cause a robotic effect. If the arm movements aren’t flowing and can be seen to be to stiff can make the animation seem unrealistic.

Above was my first attempt at the arm rig. This was simply trying out the over lapping animation and to make it seem fluid in its motions.

Below then are examples of another arm rig I made. In this rig I attempted to give the arm life by giving it a personality.

The arm crashes into the wall and is swung about. The arm after being thrown into the wall picks itself up and shakes it off. The arm jumps forward and tries to escape the control above it. But even though it tries it best it can detach from the control and swings back to it’s original position.

There are then some different angles of the arm rig so you can see the movements and the overlapping action. I was happy with this attempt at the arm rig.