Finally the animation for the Hell World Game is here. After discussing on what the game should be called we thought of ‘Domination’. This was due to the main way of winning, to wipe out the opposing players characters. Dominate the board…

Rhea took the original animation made by Samantha and re drew it digitally. This was then added to by some of her own work and edited together to make our opening trailer.

This is the thumbnails of the original animatic.



These are some screenshots of the animation while it was being developed.


Character Concepts

One of the parts if the story and how Hell came to exist was due to two brothers who stumbled into Limbo. They were of course met by Limbo himself who forced them to play one of his games. In doing so they lead to the creation into the nine rings of Hell.

One of the things that make Limbo, Limbo. Is that he makes you play a game based on your personality. The brothers were both of a competitive nature. Hence the game being played. But an idea that Rhea thought of was that throughout the game the two brothers would change. They would turn ugly like their personalities.

This is Rhea‘s digital concept on what the brother’s would look like before and after. I really loved these designs and thought idea helped develop the storyline more. Below are her concepts.


‘Cutesy’ is back

Backtracking to the card templates that were mentioned earlier. One of the templates that was altered was the card for the cutesy game for the Hell World creatures to play to unwind after their hard day of work torturing all them souls.

After deciding on the designs for each of the characters Eve then took the responsibility of design the cutesy game pieces. Each one of the pieces would be a little replica of them. But a lot more easier on the eyes.

Again going back to when the Hell World was in a tree we wanted to bring back some of the ideas from the original group. So as a group we decided to make the game pieces with a wooden theme, to suit the tree idea.

The original template for the cards was then changed to fit then wooden theme we agreed on.

Below are then are the characters that Eve designed based of the characters used in the main game.



So above you can see the  finished concepts for the cutesy game pieces. After we had agreed on the design of the characters, Eve painted a wooden theme over them to finish the design off. Finally then below are the eight finished character designs on the card templates.


Final Cards

These are the final cards that I created. On the cards I used a selection of the characters that were previously designed from my group. In each of the cards I tried to use a different style of editing so that the characters would fit in with their name.

As a final product I was happy with the cards and think model of the slab worked well with the characters designs.

The order of the characters goes as the following;

  • Greed
  • Fraud
  • Anger
  • Lust
  • Heresey
  • Gluttony
  • Trecheary
  • Violence



Composition Decesion…

Before adding all the characters to the final card model we still needed to decide on the layout of the cards. `So how will the symbols be set on the cards and will the characters name appear on the cards as well.

The first set of images are looking at the symbols flowing around the bottom of the slab. Then on of them the name of the character is there. This was to see if the text fitted in with the cards. Originally I thought about having the names in the Hell Language but thought it would be difficult to read them. So if text was to be present it would be in english.

The next set of images was the symbols placed in a vertical line from the top till the bottom of the slab. This made the slab seem more neat but this was not the look we wanted as hell isn’t neat. (It’s messy, so messy like…) Again the text was added in but didn’t think it fitted in with the project.

Then the final set of images is the symbols following the left side of the slab. I feel this was the best composition out of the three choices. Again text was added into one of the images but felt it was out of place. So in the end the text was not added in.

Textured Model

This was then the finished product in terms of the 3d slab model. Rather than just add a block colour I decided to use the greyscale card template as a texture in Maya.  I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I was happy with the results. I think it fits in with the look the group was going for on the project.

The way the patterns took to the model reminded me of the Hell Language mentioned before. All in all I’m pleased with the final model and  happy I decided to try this out.

3D Rock Slab

Looking back at the models I made in Maya, I wanted to experiment more with the card templates and possibly make them 3d. So I decided to make a model of a rock slab.

This is then some screenshots of the netting of the rock slab. I started off with a plane and extruded it using the edges and faces to create the texture I wanted. I was also happy with the screenshots as individual images.

These are then the screenshots of the model itself. They are just different angles and viewpoints of the slab. In these images you can see the rocky texture I wanted to achieve. The reason for the rocky texture was to add to the age of the game cards.

I was happy with the model in the end, as it was the first time using certain tools within Maya.

Magic Magic…

From deciding on adding symbols to the cards we developed nine magic symbols that would act like power spells. Once one of these symbols was selected they would glow a specific colour the remainder of the game or until that character is eliminated from the game.


Above is a sample of my sketchbook. This page is where the symbols were developed and refined. The symbols are then translated into nine different magical powers.

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Metallic
  • Meat (Physical Defence)
  • Magic
  • Vigor (HP)
  • Mind (Magical Defence)
  • Water

Below are then the final symbols I created digitally.