Finalised Characters

So for our project on developing characters for the world inside a tree dragon. We then decided that we would each design 2 characters each.

To decide which characters we got, we decided to write down each of the possible characters on postit notes and shuffle them in a hat.

Each person selected two characters , the results were as followed;

Me- Stomach and skin

Hollie- Brain and lungs

Gianni- Heart and Ears

Phillip- Teeth and eyes

Mine were then based on the stomach and the skin. Within the stomach this character’s function was to produce the fire in which the dragon breathed. Idea of ‘fire in your belly’. The skin character was based of the idea of fleas. So i decided to look at wearwolves for this character design.

Each of the 8 characters were all design to have a common feature of a skull mask. Although the characters had no skeletons made of bome themselves. They all featured a mask from different animals.

Some photographs of my final designs.



Quick Digital Concepts

On the run up to the final hand in for the character designs we decided to have some digital work

One of the drawings edited are from Gionni’s sketchbook and the other from my own. While working in the group I felt that we all worked off each other’s ideas and sketches.


Inital Character Concepts

After researching and looking at folklore and fairytales we came up with some sketched for what the characters could look like.

We were mainly inspired by nature.

  • Plants
  • Skulls
  • Bark
  • Mushrooms
  • Branches
  • Leaves

Some images above of my sketchbook with the project work.

Our new ideas

After looking at the initial research left for is for the project we then decided to brainstorm for ideas.

After a group dicussion the idea of life inside a dragon seemed to be the most popular. After that was set we then wondered about the inside and what the characters would look like.

What are they inspired by?

Is nature apart of their design?

What style of drawing are they?